HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention

Currently we send a doctor weekly to Boral village where there are numbers of sex workers. While attending to basic health problems, he stresses the importance of condom use and generally educates the women about the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Periodically a woman 'peer educator' meets with the sex workers, encouraging them to express their concerns and allowing us to understand their needs. We are thus laying the base to develop a program of support for the sex workers.

Hope for Sex Workers

India faces a daunting struggle to prevent its HIV/AIDS infection from growing to the level of the African countries. Accurate numbers are not known but eight to ten million Indians may already be HIV-positive.

HIV/Aids In India and Our Responsibility

The first case of HIV infection in India was diagnosed among commercial sex workers in Chennai in 1986. By early 1987 a national network was made up to screen and combat the problem.

Thistle in a Rice Bowl

Poem by Asoke Chakravarty Evokes the Spead of AIDS...

HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention