Toronto-Calcutta Foundation Projects

Toronto-Calcutta Foundation Projects

Dear Supporters,

For the last 30 years and with your support, TCF has been able to sustain the services it provides to the needy both in Kolkata and here in Toronto focused to improve the quality of life of children and women. TCF is very proud that these activities are delivered with very little administrative cost.  This is possible because dedicated volunteers are giving their valuable time and efforts to TCF. Our activities span three areas: Basic health care clinics and camps in remote villages, Primary and secondary education to needy children, Vocational training for low income women.  

On-going Activities

Medical field clinics: Visiting weekly medical clinics are held in 6 villages weekly–Raghabpur, Boral, Gangrai, Ghutiari Sharif, Chearipara and Badhe Hoogly that checked between 800 to 1000 patients per month on an average. In addition, TCF supports the Naktala clinic in its adminitrative building. The field clinics involve 5 doctors plus field staff. TCF has served over 200,000 patients in its inception.

Eye camps: 1 ophthalmologist, 3 optometrists and TCF staff and our partners held 22 camps that benefited 3600 patients. Over 25,000 have patients benefited from the free eye camps and free distribution of spectacles. Click ont eh link below to watch a video about our eye-camps.

Pre-prinmary school: Pre-primary school in Ghutiari Sharif where TCF provides education and free breakfasts to 85 students. Program also includes monthly health check-ups for students plus school uniforms and yearly sports competition. Over 5000 students assisted.

After-school coaching classes for high school students: At Habra, a suburb of Kolkata, our Uddipan program conducts after school coaching classes for 80 students (40 girls and 40 boys) in class 9, 10, 11 and 12 (Total 80 students) from financially disadvantaged family. The objective is to get them ready for the mandatory college/university entrance examination which is traditionally excelled by students from high income families. All 80 students also get Computer Training and Spoken English lessons.  Another program recently started,  runs in Hotar with coaching for students in classes 9-12. 

School Infrastructure Upgrades: TCF contributed to two schools for classroom, washroom and library upgrades, construction of additional class rooms, desks for students and providing access to clean drinking water. In one school, it supplements teachers’ salary to attract and retain more dedicated teachers.

Feminie Hygiene program was launched in 2020 to educate gilrs about mentrual health and distribution of pads. Watch the video to learn more about this program.

Toronto partnership with Womens’ Habitat 2019: TCF contributed to teach social and leadership skills to 15 students from the low income new immigrant single mother families. The program was operated by Women’s Habitat through their South Islington facility.

Dr. R.N. Bhaduri Memorial Health Centre in Naktala: Regular medical staff includes 4 doctors who work by rotation 2-3 hours a day along with one nursing aid. This building serves as the administrative office for the Calcutta operation.

Basic literacy and needle work skills: Uttaran, a tailoring school for women with 2 junior teachers and 2 senior teachers currently trains 30 students 5 days a week. The trainees are cutting clothes, stitching and making the finished products. The quality of work has improved greatly. They are preparing school uniforms, vests and variety of other saleable products. Training quality is certified through accreditation by a renowned tailoring school using class room teaching and final examination.  A second tailoring program started in June 2018 in a village called Chariswar, 24 Parganas. Some 30 women also getting the same training. TCF has trained over 300 women and some of them are now earning money.

Nurse Assistant Program: Ramakrishna Sarada Mission trains 20 young girls each year in this one-year program where they are trained in the Sarada Mission hospital. After certification, the graduates are employed in nursing homes and field health centers. These young girls all are selected from low income families in the villages and without this program would face human trafficking to sex trades. We donated substantial amount of money to set up class rooms, to buy medical equipments and books. Additionally, TCF sponsors at least one student for this one year program  

TCF Calcutta organization and budget: The Calcutta operation has 13 staff (5 full time including a program manager); there is a voluntary board of directors who manage all programs; operation is visited by Toronto members; a donated house in Naktala serves as the central office. The TCF budget currently is about $60,000 per annum with ever increasing calls from the field for more funds.

We appeal for your continued support and thank you again for the trust that you have shown in TCF.