Toronto-Calcutta Foundation News & Events

Toronto-Calcutta Foundation News & Events

The main objectives of TCF continue to be the improved status of underprivileged women and children, youth, and health services for seniors and patients with limited means.

TCF has distributed over 300000 saplings to villagers in various districts of West Bengal, India. 

There are four reasons why TCF is distributing these kathal saplings to villagers who are either at poverty or below the poverty line:

1) To help the stunted children: When children consumes kathal, they get minerals, vitamins and protein.

2) To help the villagers: Villagers can sell excess kathals and earn extra income.

3) To reduce green house emission: It helps the environment when new trees are planted.

4) To create temporary employment: When saplings are distributed, it creates temporary employment in the areas of transportation, loading and unloading, labour in nurseries, etc. 

The Toronto Calcutta Foundation’s (TCF) 10th annual fundraising dinner took place at the Hilton Garden Hotel, raising $40,000. This marks another great success for the charitable organization. Current TCF President Arun Palit began the evening with a few words before passing the microphone on to the emcees for the evening, Saswati Deb, and Sujoy Chatterjee.