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The International Executive (IE), which meets monthly in Toronto, consists of volunteers from the business and academic communities, including a treasurer and secretary. External auditors review our financial statements annually in both Toronto and Calcutta.

An appointed board of seven members oversees all the work in Calcutta and nearby villages, under the name of Toronto-Calcutta Association (TCA). A project coordinator manages all our projects and reports monthly to the Calcutta board and to the international executive. The vice-president deals with legal matters and liaises with the Toronto executive. TCA produces monthly financial statements and as well as annual audited financial statements which are reviewed by the Calcutta board and to the IE.

Project development and financial and administrative oversight are facilitated by yearly visits of several of the Toronto executive or general members to Calcutta.

Funds are raised in Toronto through local events, an annual mail request, and the employees’ charitable funds of several large corporations and banks, such as Suncor, Ontario Hydro and The Royal Bank. We co-operate with other organizations (such as Toronto Sanskriti Sangstha) and have managed joint events with, for instance, Results Canada and Gems of Hope.

The Toronto-Calcutta Foundation is registered with the Canadian government as a charity and participates in Canada’s annual “United Way” community fund-raising appeal. The TCA is registered in India to receive foreign funds and under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act.

Contact the Toronto-Calcutta Foundation

International Executive

President: Mihir Ray
Vice President: Chitra Ghosh
Secretary: Sujoy Chatterjee
Treasurer: Debashish Chakravorty

Arun Palit
Uttam Chakrabarti
Niloy Sen

Tapan Majumder

Probir Chatterjee

Mailing Address:
The Toronto-Calcutta Foundation
2 Leland Avenue, Toronto, On. M8Z 2X5

Email: (Mihir Ray)

Calcutta Board

President: Prathama Das
Secretary: Sajal Sengupta
Treasurer: Sujit K. Dutta

Swapan K. Bhadra
Kashinath Dey
Gouri Das
Suchismita  Ghosh
Jhunnu Podder

Mailing Address:
The Toronto-Calcutta Association
2/45 Naktala Road, Kolkata 700 048, India

EXECUTIVE: 1988-2010:

Ted Culp
Anoucha Villavarayan
Paul Werbiski
Thomas Allgower

Advisor: Dr. Christine Furedy